Our (Cost)Management Advantage

We know everything(!) about the best bang for your buck

Our core-service is Special Education for older children. That's marginal business! Schools are "past" teaching to read when a child is eight years old or older: They typically have little budget available. Most private parents lack budgets for expensive tutoring or over-priced online services. These realities force us to relentlessly pursue the best quality/price ratio all the time.

What is the relevance for you?

Simple: You'll enjoy the best attainable price/quality ratio available in the market.

  • Our own cost-effective in-house team (CTO in BC; our own engineers in Bangalore; office in the Cloud).
  • Solid cloud expertise (AWS and Google): Both superior and very cost-effective.
  • Professional project and code management (no waste of efforts).
  • Thorough experience in IT architecture, efficiencies, and cost-control ($'s optimized).
  • Solid relationships with reputable component/services providers.
  • Extensive (cost)comparative knowledge of suppliers.

Meet Those Who Work and Stand With Us

These companies actively support our efforts to obliterate adolescent illiteracy and low literacy.


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