Our Scale

Work with Us and Enjoy The Benefit of uur Scale

We're not your typical IT company, building web sites and applications for others. We're a company who builds cutting edge applications to serve a most difficult user group: Children with Dyslexia. We have countless students working with our online Dyslexia Remediation Program, and many more people using our testing and diagnostics tools. Our Scale and Expertise are yours.

What's the Relevance for You?

We have our own in-house solid IT team and infrastructure, allowing you to benefit of our Scale.

Here is a list of some of the most important items, which set us apart from the competition.

Are some terms new to you? Ask us for explanations.

In-house Engineers and System Admin
ITIL-styled Project Management
SOA Architecture
Owned/Leased Hosting Infrastructure
Geo-location distributed networks
SOA Architecture
GIT Revision Control
quality Services Providers
In house Quality Assurance Testing
Backup and Realtime sync capabilities
Stringent monitoring

Meet Those Who Work and Stand With Us

These companies actively support our efforts to obliterate adolescent illiteracy and low literacy.


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