Search Engine Optimzation

It's all about Truth

We are obviously aware of the ongoing development of search-leader Google's algorythms, collectively known as Hummingbird. The more intelligent way to approach the challenge is this...

Google (and any other reputable search engine) earns its keep by helping end-users ( = you and me) to find what we're looking for.

Obvious though this seems, it really boils down to Truth. Google punishes fake, and rewards those pages which they see-and-measure deliver what people were searching for in the first place. Do you really deliver contents that people need? Are your web page findable (nice verb :-) for those who need to find that sort of information.

Results depend on your playfield. What is your offering? Who are your users? Where are they located? How unique is it? We understand these questions and issues, and can help you gain results.

51 percent
Mobile Searches most Dominant
(Source: comScore)
71 percent
Google's Search Marketshare
(Source: Digital Marketing)
81 percent
B2B Purchase Cycles Start with Search
(Source: Earnest Agency)
14.6 percent
Average Close-Rate on Organic Search Traffic
(Source: NewsCred)

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