Social Media

It's all about Truth

Let's face it: We all use it these days (well... almost all of us). The dynamics on social media, though, are very interesting. Users tend to conglomerate into specific groups. The majority simply wants to stay in touch with each other, and preferably so with positive things.

For most SME's we see Social Media primarily as a means to transmit to your clients and prospect clients that you are alive, healthy, active, and human.

We can set you up and manage contents for you, with minimum intrusion on your own operations. We also have the means to properly track what's going on, and who's talking about what.

1,550 million
Facebook leads Social Media
(Source: Staff Research)
2,500 million
Social Media Users by 2018
(Source: Statistica)
15 percent
Proven quantitative impact
(Source: Earnest Agency)
43.5 percent
Good qualitative sense of impact
(Source: CMO Survey)

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